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Halifax Psychic Clinic


Faerie Magick Reedings 

(Sat only) Quinpool Rd

with Melanie


A deeply empathetic and sensitive individual, Melanie is passionate about connecting with like minded souls to share, empower and guide them on their own path of journey of awakening.  While living in Toronto several years ago, Melanie started a practice of Kundalini yoga that was the catalyst for a pivotal change in her life, awakening her to new experiences of self discovery.  Melanie's journey of personal discovery and spiritual growth culminated with a mystical pilgrimage through Ireland connecting with ancestral roots and practicing Celtic shamanism. Melanie can be found singing, dancing and walking her cat GiGi in the woods. Trained in celtic dancing and  music, she enjoys  meditation, animals, yoga, nature and comedy . She holds a masters

in Reiki, Level 1 NLP, EFT and Qi Gong. 


30 minutes   $40.00
full session (60 minutes) $80.00

Psychic Medium Readings / Tarot

with Patrycja ­– Saturdays (Bedford)


Patrycja is a Reiki Master / Teacher who has worked in the field of Aromatherapy for over 15 years. She has been doing psychic and Tarot readings for over 20 years. Patrycja has many clients in Canada and abroad. She is also a regularly featured writer in Psychic Insight Magazine that is published in the UK. In addition, she has written numerous articles for various national and international publications. 

Patrycja’s messages are always channelled from the Divine Source. This means that they are framed in a positive way and are meant to either confirm something that you already know or highlight something that you will need to address. The messages focus on various important aspects of your life such as relationships, career issues, and past lives. Divine messages are meant to help you heal, experience spiritual growth, and find your life purpose. Patrycja is looking forward to helping you on your spiritual path!


30 minutes = $50

60 minutes = $90

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