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Angel is the Owner of Angels' Essentials, Founder of

Angels' Academy of Higher Learning, Coordinator of The Halifax Spirit Expo and owner of Halifax Acupuncture. 


She offers a variety of services including;


  • Acupuncture

  • Private Yoga Sessions

  • Angel Tarot & Palm Readings

    • -$44 for 15min

      -$88 for 30min

      -$108 for 45min

    • -$144 for 1hr (includes free crystals)

  • Aromatherapy

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Akashic Record Reading

  • Business Coaching


Angel teaches classes in Astrology, Aromatherapy, Yoga, Stone Therapy, Mixed Media Arts, Spirit Painting, and Psychic Development.



To book a one on one Spiritual Consult and or Acupuncture session with Angel 

call 902-405-3188

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