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Personal Training 

We provide one on one and or group consultations to better serve you and your body's needs.  We work around your schedule and are able to do in home sessions if necessary. We specialize in sports specific training with a holistic approach.  Our trainers are qualified to bring you and your body to a better state of well-being and optimum health.  We offer competitive rates and group discounts.  All training is offered at Slim Gyms.



Al's Youth Fitness Enlightenment Academy (a division of Angels' Essentials)


A dynamic, holistic approach to personal training incorporating powerful breathing exercises and meditation within a program designed to achieve a multi-dimensional level of fitness.  Training covers everything from Yoga, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, strength, cardiovascular, agility, balance, core, coordination and body awareness.   

Currently offered at Slim Gym's at 6960 Mumford Rd. Halifax, NS after hours.


Al also sells supplements. Please visit for more information or to purchase;



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