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This painting was the starting point or a depiction of the starting point of my spiritual journey.. Not as personal as it first sounds bc this painting is a portrayal of spirit, of space, of existence itself.   It is literally a painting of 12 small objects that have nothing to do with one another that I have brought together via abstraction and have joined them as one...The number 12 has a lot of meaning to me, the 12 houses of Astrology, completion etc.  

I call this a Masterpiece bc of the divine connection I felt when I was painting it in a trance like state. My professor at the time who was an international acclaimed artist was blown away by it and called it a masterpiece like no other he had scene.. he also submitted it to the painting department for a scholarship which I did in fact win, despite being in my 3rd year and not my 4th which was the criteria for being awarded. The painting department was not able to deny what I had felt during the process of painting and overlooked my year of study.... From there it has been shown at the Anna Leon Owens gallery.

My hope for this painting is that it goes to someone that will appreciate and value it for the energy that it brings. It is a beautifully meditative playfully vibrant piece that not only captures a part of my soul but the divine truth, that we are all connected to one another in spiritual truth. that is what I felt during the making of this my biggest oeuvre.

The Beginning

  • Large Scale Abstract
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