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SEVA or Service

The Angel's encourage all of us to devote our lives to serving others, be that human, animal or mother earth itself.   Service work is a choice, one that many are wise enough to make.  When you decide to put yourself aside and improve the life of someone on this planet you will be amazed by the power those acts of kindness will have on your own life.  It has been proven many times over, that people that choose to do service work are less depressed, have less health concerns and live far more fulfilling lives than those that think only about themselves, only about their needs and only about desires. Here are some of our favorite Charities that we regularly Volunteer with and or donate to;


Art of Living Foundation
Care for Children
Hope for Wild Life Society
Ecology Action Center
Diabetes Association
We would love to hear from you... What are your favorite charities? email us at


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