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Space Clearing 

  The botanical name for sage is Salvia. Salvia is derived from the Latin word Salvare. Salvare means to heal.

  Using the smoke from burning sage to cleanse your home we help dissipate those lingering energies that can create disharmony in your life. Negative energy can collect in several ways, for example, after a bad fight with someone in your family, general clutter, and or uncleanliness.  We also advise on better placement of furniture in your home, using Feng Shui as a guide.  We may recommend crystals or stones as well as plants to raise the vibration of your space.   Not only do we space clear your home we also teach you how to do it, so that you can practice it as often as needed. Space Clearing is important not only in your personal home but in your business as well.

45 min and 90 min appointments


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