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About The Queen CEO

For over a decade Angel has offered Spiritual Consultations utilizing the variety of skills she's acquired thru extensive training with Spiritual Teachers and Master Healers from all over the world. She is a life long student spending most of her "spare" time in the classroom. She is a former Graduate of NSCAD University, a Professional Aromatherapist, Sri Sri Yoga Instructor, Certified Angel Card Reader, and has a Major in Psychology from Saint Mary's University. She attended two years of a Masters in Counselling program specializing in Art Therapy from Athabasca University Calgary.  Angel is a Registered Acupuncturist and The Director of Marketing for The Canadian Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada-NS Chapter. 


Angel has a positive outlook on life with a genuine understanding of the need to maintain a balanced perspective in the world.  She is the founder of the Halifax Body, Mind & Spirit Expo, which is presented annually at the Halifax Forum.  Her passion for Alternative Medicine is realized at this Expo containing over 100 local like minded exhibitors. 


Angel herself is an educator and facilities numerous 'New Age' courses in Astrology, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Aromatherapy and Psychic Development etc.  Helping others connect to their true nature and purpose in life is her main focus and passion. 

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